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Let Hayo’u help you win the struggle against stress. Our armoury of tips and tools harnesses the ancient power of Chinese Medicine to help you kick this modern malady in to touch - no appointments, prescriptions or medication required.

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I think my stress levels are pretty normal - 2 children under 10, a part time office job and typical family strife from aging parents and in laws. I’ve got lots to do and have always naturally been an organised person, but recently I’ve started to feel anxious. My mind races, I flip between tasks, I bolt up in bed remembering things I haven’t done... it makes be moody at work and snappy with my family. I normally sweat it out in the gym or go for a run but I’ve a recurring old back injury and need another way to feel more in control.

- Nicola, 45


Dear Nicola

Feeling overwhelmed is a common response to stress - it's the body's way of asking you to calm the pressure. It triggers your fight or flight response, and uses all of your physical and mental energy.

Of course, when most people talk about feeling overwhelmed, they're talking about the way anxiety tends to cause severe stress that affects all of their thoughts. That's what sterss does: it makes it very hard to focus on anything other than your worries. Our one minute rituals are a first step to try, because they give you tiny little rests throughout the day so you can start feel on top of things.

Sorry to hear you can’t go to the gym or go running at the moment. Chinese theory always advocates walking. So could you use the exercise time to go for a nice walk instead? Preferably in nature if possible but even near road trees and window boxes if nothing else? Walk as briskly as you can and focus on the Rescue Breath Ritual as you walk. This will create a 'walking meditation' which although active, is incredibly relaxing and stress relieving. The breathing alone helps patients feel centered and on top of emotions and work load.

Stress induced Anxiety - Dealing with stress using the Hayo'u Method

The Reset Ritual will also help with plugging the exercise gap and enabling a smooth flow of qi and circulation around your body. Go gently with the twist action because you have a back injury. There is no need to do the ritual vigorously, you just need to do the motions within your body's comfort zone.

Then in the evening use the salt bath to aid a deeper deep relaxation and ideally do the breathing exercise again. This will inject a further meditation into your day but whilst allowing your mind and body to benefit from the healing aromatherapy properties contained in the products.

Finally and possibly most importantly, follow on from the bath with our body restorer for a gua sha treatment, paying special attention to your chest region to relax the feelings of anxiety. The busy mind will hopefully start to settle and your anxiety levels drop.

Katie x