First of its kind, the Hayo’u Method combines product, technique and wisdom into simple one-minute rituals, designed to fit effortlessly into everyday life.

These simple self-treatments are designed to deliver instant results and long term benefits, unlocking health and beauty.

We may all be living longer but are often suffering from conditions including stress, pain, low energy, premature ageing, headaches, anxiety and depression, poor skin, low fertility, bad digestion and lack of sleep.

In the morning, use the shower to its maximum effect to awaken fully and start the day in a relaxed yet energized state. At night, combine the Rescue Breath with our specially formulated bathing minerals in an evening bath, followed by the Restorer rituals to enhance beauty, help restore circulation, unwind and prepare for a deep, restorative sleep.

Morning Shower Ritual

Optimise your morning shower to start the day in a relaxed yet energized state.

The Beauty Restorer Ritual

The simple self-massage technique stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production, manipulates areas of tension to relax facial muscles, exponentially increases blood and aids lymphatic flow, releases congestion and toxicity, eases headaches, soothes sore eyes and skin and unlocks aching jaws and brow: resulting in a brighter, healthier, radiantly youthful complexion

The Reset Ritual

Stress gets stored in the body and makes us feel tired, achy and lacking in energy, especially when we wake. Release stored stress, feel energized, reduce pain and prepare for the day ahead by shaking, twisting and drumming for one minute.

The Body Restorer Ritual

The Body Restorer is just one minute. This simple self-treatment is based on a tried & tested Chinese technique called Gua Sha. Following the Body Restorer ritual targets areas where most tension is held. It frees areas of tightness, congestion and pain whilst helping with symptoms such as fatigue and insomnia.

The Rescue Breath Ritual

It only takes around a minute – but the benefits are huge! Smiling breathing Is the first and instant defense against stress. It restores the para-sympathetic nervous system, calms the mind, calms the heart rate, deeply oxygenates the blood and overrides any emotional negativity.

Evening Bath Ritual

Combine breathing and bathing to deeply relax body and mind.