What is the Hayo’u Method?

We may all be living longer but are often suffering from conditions including stress, pain, low energy, premature ageing, headaches, anxiety and depression, poor skin, low fertility, bad digestion and lack of sleep.

Founded by practitioner Katie Brindle, Hayo’u is a groundbreaking self treatment method inspired by Chinese Medicine. Delivering instant results and long term benefits, it unlocks both health and beauty.

The Hayo’u Method optimises your morning and evening bathroom routines by combining product and wisdom into simple one-minute rituals.

In the morning, use the shower to its maximum effect to awaken fully and start the day in a relaxed yet energised state.

Use the evening bath or shower to clear stagnation, help restore circulation, relax, unwind and prepare for a deep, restorative sleep.

The One-minute Rituals

Individually, these simple techniques will have an instant result. Combined and practiced daily, they also offer long term benefit.

Beauty Restorer ritual

Immediately effective, the award winning jade Beauty Restorer massages the dermis to support collagen and elastin production, manipulates areas of tension to relax facial muscles, exponentially increases blood and aids lymphatic flow, eases headaches, soothes sore eyes and skin and unlocks aching jaws and brow: resulting in a brighter, healthier, radiant, youthful complexion.

*Eight out of ten women reported a more radiant complexion after just one-minute use.

Rescue Breath ritual

The morning shower is the perfect moment to self treat. Combine the Rescue Breath ritual with water and Hayo’u shower wash infused with lotus flower and frankincense to instantly create a relaxed yet energised state

This self treatment immediately engages the parasympathetic nervous system. It also massages the internal organs, calms the heart rate, oxygenates the blood and overrides any emotional negativity by engaging deep in the energetic centre of the body.

Reset ritual

Instantly uplifting, this self treatment is designed to circulate the benefits of the Rescue Breath ritual.

The Reset ritual boosts energy, invigorates circulation, releases stored tension, loosens the spine and stimulates digestive function. It combines perfectly with the morning shower and rescue breath ritual preparing you for the day ahead.

Bathing ritual

Chinese wisdom has advocated for centuries that the combination of specific minerals and essential oils diffused in warm water will help draw out deeply held tension, help reduce anxiety, switch the nervous system to its rest phase and support the lymphatic system.

Maximise these benefits by using the rescue breath ritual combined with Hayo’u bath minerals to create a deeper meditative state.

Simply extend the ritual one breath at a time into an achievable meditation. This smiling breath meditation is effortless because rather than emptying the mind, it is given a beneficial focus to engage with.

Body restorer ritual

Follow the evening bath or shower use the body restorer ritual to clear stagnation, help restore circulation, relax, unwind and prepare for a deep, restorative sleep.

The Body Restorer ritual is based on the proven technique Gua-Sha.  Gua sha has been used for thousands of years across Asia for many common ailments including: fever, inflammation, coughs, migraines and a myriad of pain issues. Gua sha also helps prevent illness – because the press-stroke motion exponentially improves blood flow and aids the lymphatic and immune systems.

*Nine out of ten women reported an improvement to sleep after just one minute of use.

Hayo’u – Master your Health

Please note, you should not bathe for at least four hours after treatment with the Body Restorer.