5 rituals that will change how you feel in just one minute

17 January 2022

With today being Blue Monday (17th January), it’s not surprising many of us are feeling a little down. The third Monday in January is a time when a combination of post-Christmas financial pressures, bad weather, weight gain and broken New Year’s Resolutions can result in negative feelings and despondency.

But this Blue Monday, Hayo’u wants to help you to not only look better, but to feel better too. And the best part? It will only take one minute.

We believe that looking your best starts from within. After all, as Hayo’u founder Katie Brindle, says: “You’ll never look your best if you don’t feel your best!”

If you’re searching for better health, boosted energy, a stronger immune system, a calmer mind or even help in your weight loss journey, Hayo’u has the answer with our simple, easy and effective one-minute rituals, all of which are distilled from ancient Chinese wisdom and formulated for a modern world.

Here are just some of our favourite rituals for you to try for yourself…

1. Rescue Breath Ritual

The Rescue Breath can be practiced anytime, anywhere. It’s completely free, doesn’t require any tools, and can be done even if you’re short on time. If you struggle to sleep, it’s also a great technique to help you drift off.

1. To try the Rescue Breath, expel stale air by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth three times, making a ‘haaaaa’ sound.
2. Slowly take a deep breath. With your eyes closed, breathe in for five counts through the nose and out for five counts through the nose. Repeat this five times.
3. As you breathe out, visualise a smile extending across your lower abdomen
and focus your attention on it.

Try practicing this at least once a day – however busy you are, you have to breathe! While you may not have paid much attention to your breathing before, it’s actually the key to controlling your stress levels and is the most immediate and self-healing cure we have. The active meditation of the Rescue Breath Ritual is an instant and effortless defence against stress. It restores the parasympathetic nervous system, calms the mind and heart rate, deeply oxygenates the blood and overrides any emotional negativity.

To elevate your practice, why not light one of our scented candles? Infused with iconic Chinese ingredients including Lotus Flower, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Lemongrass, our signature fragrance will leave you feeling relaxed yet energised, further calming your senses and deepening the benefits of the Rescue Breath Ritual.

Alternatively, use our Bath Minerals to convert a humble bath into a home spa with our signature aromatherapy essential oils helping to relax, rescue and replenish, whilst easing tight muscles and soothing frayed nerves after a long day.

If you’re short on time, simply washing your hands with our Mineral Shower Wash will release the aromatherapy fragrance and help reset the body as everyday stresses occur. By massaging your hands every time you wash them throughout the day, you are not only stimulating numerous reflex points found in the hand, but you’re also allowing your brain to associate the aromatherapy smell with a moment of focus and calm, triggering a sensation of deep relaxation.

2. Body Tapping Ritual

Our Hayo’u Bamboo Body Tapper makes light work of the ancient Chinese practice of pai sha. Tapping is incredibly easy to do and will leave you feeling relaxed yet energised in as little as one minute. You can start the day by tapping all over the body to help wake you up for better energy, during that mid- afternoon slump, or just before bed for better sleep.

3. Facial Gua Sha Ritual

Try facial gua sha using the Beauty Restorer, Precision Tool or Crystal Eye Mask for better beauty, relaxation and circulation. Choose from our selection of beautiful crystals – Jade, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Nephrite – each with their own unique restorative powers.

Using a slow and deliberate press-and-stroke technique, gua sha will support circulation and lymphatic drainage, lift, plump and sculpt, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can easily fit this routine into your morning skincare routine to help wake up and soothe the skin, or end your day with this relaxing technique for improved sleep.

1. First, apply our Hayo’u Beauty Oil to the face by warming a few drops into the palms of the hands and gently pressing onto the skin.
2. Use your choice of Beauty Restorer along your neck, jawline, cheekbones and forehead in a press-and-stroke motion.
3. Target specific areas of concern such as the brows, under eyes and smile lines with the Precision Tool, in your choice of crystal.
4. Elevate your gua sha routine by ending your session with our Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask. Designed to deliver cool pressure to the upper and lower potions of the face, the Clear Quartz will help decrease puffiness, soothe tired eyes and reduce redness and tension.

4. Body Combing Ritual

If that Christmas weight gain is getting you down this Blue Monday, body combing with the Hayo’u Jade Body Comb can really help to target these areas in as little as one minute. Bingo wings and the lower tummy can be particularly tricky to shift fat from, so try combing in the shower each morning over these areas to help increase circulation and encourage weight loss. As simple as it sounds, it really works.

5. Have more than one minute?

We all know weight loss can be tricky, time consuming and often a wholly disheartening experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Qigong – the Chinese yoga – is a proven way to improve fitness and wellbeing, as well as shift stubborn fat.
With additional benefits including improved sleep, better mental clarity, emotional balance and a heightened state of wellbeing, qigong is finally the answer we have all been searching for. Loved by Vogue, Hello! and the Daily Mail, it’s no surprise Hayo’uFit is taking the fitness world by storm. Hayo’uFit are currently offering a 7-day free trial, so it’s the perfect time to see the results for yourself.


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