The Body Heroes

23 April 2021

As the countdown to summer begins and the beauty salons are finally open, it’s easy to assume that a haircut, wax and pedicure will fix the last few months (or year) of neglect. Of course, they all help, and there’s nothing quite like getting your roots done when you’ve spent the last few months trying to convince yourself that grey is the new brown or blonde. However, when it comes to the body, it’s about so much more than simply how we look on the outside.

If you’re all too familiar with the latest Covid buzzword ‘languishing’ you’ll know how important it is to look after the inside too. Self-care is key and this is where our body heroes really come in to their own. Why do we call them heroes? Not only do our multi-award winning body tools do incredible things to your skin and how you look, but because each one is based on Chinese medicine techniques that have been used for thousands of years, they boost your energy levels, reduce stress and improve your general wellbeing too.

Hero Body Tools

Whether it’s the Jade Body Comb, Body Restorer or Bamboo Body Tapper, we have a body hero that’s just right for you.

Hayo’u Jade Body Comb

Body combing works at a much deeper level than body brushing to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and the flow of Qi (energy). Because it helps to flush out toxins, it’s particularly effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite and bingo wings, as well as heavy legs and water retention. On top of toning your skin, it is believed that body combing also creates a balance in the body. Using the Jade Body Comb on your scalp and the back of your neck will not only boost healthy hair growth but clear the meridian channels of any emotional and physical blockages. Discover the benefits of the Jade Body comb for yourself here.

Hayo’u Body Restorer

Unlike facial gua sha, body gua sha uses a stainless steel tool that can work deep within muscles to relieve stiffness and tension for instant relief and recovery. The beauty of the Body Restorer is that it can be used over your clothes for an intense treatment whenever your muscles feel tight such as after an exercise session. Alternatively, you can use it after your bath or shower with Body Oil for a deep restorative and relaxing body massage. Take your gua sha to the next level with the Body Restorerl here.

Hayo’u Bamboo Body Tapper

Pai sha or body tapping has been used as a self-healing treatment in China for thousands of years. Our multi-award winning Bamboo Body Tapper is adored by the global press and celebrities, and is the ultimate body hero. In a little as one minute, body tapping will increase your circulation and lymphatic drainage, boost your energy levels – think of that mid-afternoon slump – and invigorate your whole body. Click here to boost your energy levels with the Bamboo Body Tapper.

Whether it’s smoother skin, banishing cellulite, relieving tight muscles, boosting your energy levels or simply feeling ‘better’ both inside and out, there’s a body hero for you. Which is your favourite?


  • Hayo'u Jade Body Comb Gua Sha Massage Tool
    Jade Body Comb

    (10 reviews)


    The ultimate head & body massage therapy.

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  • Hayo'u Body Restorer Gua Sha Body Massage Tool
    Hayo’u Body Restorer

    (12 reviews)


    An age-old body massage, redefined.

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  • Hayo'u Bamboo Body Tapper
    Hayo’u Bamboo Body Tapper

    (15 reviews)


    Invigorate from head to toe with this ancient massage therapy ...

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