Meet our Founder

14 April 2021

When did you last see the founder of your favourite wellness or beauty brand? Chances are, the ‘face’ behind the brand is the latest star-studded model or celebrity. Are we right? Only a handful of founder-led brands are just that, led by the founder, and thankfully we are one of them.

So how did Hayo’u begin? After a car accident ended her dreams of becoming an opera singer, our founder, Katie Brindle, turned to Chinese medicine. Having gone from pillar to post to find the answer to her pain, both physically and emotionally, Katie finally found it. In fact, she was so inspired that she decided to train as a Chinese medicine practitioner herself. She realised that, just as she always had, that people tend to assume that Chinese medicine is all herbs and acupuncture. In fact, the missing link is that we all need self-care, or yang sheng.

Self-care is the first step, and it’s the bit that we can all do. Katie’s mission in life became to help others using this remarkable healing system. As a result, after years of research, she founded Hayo’u which distils ancient Chinese medicine techniques into simple daily rituals. Her aim was for the information, techniques and tools that changed her life to help others feel energised, well and healthy too.

“It is my passion to make self-care simple, affordable and available to everyone. Thousands of years of Chinese wisdom distilled into potent self-treatment techniques to counter-balance the negative impact of modern living and achieve clear results.” Katie Brindle

So who is the face of Hayo’u? Katie of course. What was imperative to her was that she continue to share her passion, knowledge and expertise with the Hayo’u community. She is passionate about helping others and this is the core ethos of Hayo’u. You will find Katie LIVE on Instagram every day – often stripped down to a bikini or knickers in the shower – demonstrating how to use the tools, how they can work for you and how they have transformed her life. And it doesn’t stop there, there are masterclasses, podcasts, interviews, and online events.

So if like us, you want to actually ‘know’ the face behind your beauty and wellbeing products, here are our favourite founder-led brands: Trinny London, Legology, Ruby Hammer, Liz Earle, Liha Beauty, Mira Manek.


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