Our story

Our Principles

Group 19

Founder led by Chinese Medicine practitioner Katie Brindle.

Group 16

Free content and advice available to all.

Group 18

Committed to inclusivity and diversity and aim to provide a welcoming community.

Thousands of Years in a Single Minute

Our rituals only take a minute to do. But they are thousands of years in the making. Combined with our range of tools, they become incredibly powerful self-treatment techniques to counter-balance the negative impact of modern living and achieve clear results. Bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living.

Why are we different

Group 8

Our products combine with simple one-minute rituals rooted in the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to maximise their potency.

Group 14

We have the specialist knowledge and experience to support you on your journey.

Group 13

We offer direct access to our founder in the form of live feeds and events, in case you need extra help.


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