Feeling stressed? Look to your chest

Our fast paced world puts heavy strain on our bodies and minds. We very rarely give ourselves meaningful time to recharge, filling our diaries at work and home with more activities, more commitments and more pressures.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, it can take a toll on our emotional wellbeing. It’s no surprise that as the temperature dips and autumn makes its mark, our moods can swing or even plummet at this transformative time of year.

So what can be done to improve our mood?

Chinese Medicine doctors know that the answer lies in the freeing of emotional worries that we accumulate daily and at increasingly heavy loads. Typically stored in the chest region, it’s no wonder this part of the body takes so much of a beating when you think of the precious organs it protects - the heart and the lungs.

Try pressing across your sternum and upper chest. Are you surprised at what you feel? A tightness? Some tenderness? Perhaps a dull ache?

Hayo’u can help with two simple 60 second solutions.

The Reset Ritual - drumming to dislodge stress

Supercharge your mood with our Reset Ritual. It contains a unique body drumming element (Qi Gong to be more accurate) which gently dislodges toxicity held in latency. Drum the chest in a Tarzan-like fashion to stimulate the defensive energy of the body against disease and dislodge the tension.

Try our unique Body Restorer tool – it allows your circulatory system do the hard work, with a little help from the ancient healing technique of Gua Sha. Press-stroking the Body Restorer on your chest in our Body Restorer Ritual engages the healing mechanisms of the blood and lymphatic system, unblocking the congested areas of the torso where toxicity can stagnate.

Gua Sha body tool

Patients of all ages are surprised at the positive impact on their mood and emotional resilience. Why not try them? Two easy self-health steps to maintain optimal emotional vitality, whatever the season.