Party-Proof your skin with the beauty restorer

The festive fall-out can be unforgiving. Just when you want that extra glow, your skin is doing battle with a toxic combination of late nights, rich foods, interrupted sleep and jam-packed schedules. The results aren't jolly. Puffy, overtired eyes, flushed cheeks, a lacklustre complexion and unexpected blemishes do not make for party-perfect skin. And all because your fatigued body is doing exactly what it's designed to when under duress, send nutrient-rich blood cells away from your face to your muscles ready for a fight or flight reflex. But help is at hand. If your party season beauty regime consists of mince pies, mulled wine and merriment, we've a skin saviour you'll love!

The Beauty Restorer tool and our unique one-minute facial provide instant, visible improvements to skin luminosity, facial tension and the tell-tale signs of stressed skin. 82% of women saw an immediate, positive effect after just one use. Getting radiant results yourself is simple.

The Hayo'u one-minute beauty ritual is here to rectify the effects of a bad or late night, and it only takes 60 seconds. Use our Beauty Restorer Gua Sha tool to firmly press-stroke the face. This engages the circulatory system, flushing the area with nourishing blood for a true inner glow that makeup can't match. The face is a reflection of the health of your body so every morning and evening clear away the impact of the excesses of the night before using the Beauty Restorer. By stimulating the skin's microcirculation, you activate its ability to eliminate toxins and increase oxygen levels, whilst simultaneously improving lymph drainage, increasing collagen and boosting elastin. All without a needle in sight and costly trips to a facialist.

Our facial treatment oil absorbs really quickly so you don't need to worry about looking greasy. It is specially formulated for use with the Beauty Restorer, for extra lubrication that is easily absorbed and it's made from relaxing, therapeutic oils traditionally used by Chinese medicine doctors to aid skin recovery and rejuvenation. Get a beauty boost and erase the tell-tale signs of stress from your face with Gua Sha, the ancient skincare practice fine-tuned by Hayo'u to bring you optimum skincare benefits.