Scan your face. Locate areas of stress

The Stress Test: Face to Face

Our face bears the brunt of a stressful life. Accelerated aging, hormonal break outs, adult acne, eczema flare ups … When stress is left unchecked it creates a visible, vicious circle, biologically impacting our skin which in turn crushes our confidence. It’s a no-win situation.

Your face works hard all day. The effort of talking, smiling, frowning and concentrating engages the facial muscles where – just like any other part of the body – tension can be stored. When your muscles are tense, blood flow is restricted and your skin gets less oxygen and nutrients. Not only do you get face ache – but you age faster too.  

In Chinese medicine, our external radiance is a reflection of the internal state of our health. So under-eye bags, fine lines and dull, sagging skin are all deemed reflections of our internal organs. Stress impacts the organs of the entire body and this immediately shows in your face.

Take the stress test: discover step-by-step where you hold tension in your face:

Press your skin with a firm pressure, explore with your fingers, note areas that are achy. You may be able to feel knotty areas or a build-up under the skin.

 1.    The Brows and Forehead

Start by palpating firmly across your brows and forehead with your fingers. It may feel sore? Tension here is often caused by frowning. Pressing firmly and massaging the Beauty Restorer across the brows can relieve headaches and eye strain.  

 2. The Periorbital Area

Feel between the bridge of your nose and move under the eyes along the socket line. Press-stroking the Beauty Restorer here can alleviate dark circles, reduce the effects of a bad nights’ sleep, help with blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness.

 3.    The Temples

Then press into your temples – this is excellent if you suffer from headaches. You can twist the curved edge of the jade tool into the temples for immediate relief. Start gently and just find the pressure that feels right for you.

 4.    The Cheekbones

Move under your cheekbones and up to the ear. It may click! This is where most people feel tension – in front of the ear lobes where your jaw attaches. Sweep the Beauty Restorer across under your cheekbones and then use the curved edge of the tool to twist into the space in front of your ear lobes – as if you were turning a key.

 5.    The Jawline

Finally, use the Beauty Restorer to sweep along the jawline. You might feel dry, gristly bits or nodules. This area is where the blood gets restricted the most, it’s got an extra leap to make over the jaw to get to the face, so when circulation is impeded this is where stagnation occurs.

The Scores Are In

If you’ve noticed tightness, tenderness or discomfort at any point during this test, it's a sure sign that you are storing tension in your face – limiting the flow of nutrients to your skin and most likely hastening the aging process.

The good news is that it’s really easy to remedy - all by yourself and in the comfort of your own home - thanks to a Chinese Medicine technique called Gua Sha.

Undoubtedly the hidden gem of Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha offers skin rejuvenation from within. The ancient treatment is revered for its ability to increase blood flow and jumpstart the healing powers of your circulatory system.

The Beauty Restorer enables you to manipulate these areas of tension to create a relaxed state on the face. The press-stroke action face and unblock areas of tension and stagnation, bringing an incomparable lustre to the skin and an inner glow of calm and vitality.