Signs of ageing

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Dear Katie. My skin seems really lacklustre recently. I’m happy to age gracefully but no amount of bronzer seems to hide what looks like a distinct lack of ‘glow’. My lifestyle feels the same, my diet hasn’t changed, my sleep patterns are fine... is this just another sign of aging? How can I get back that ‘just back from holiday’ look without reaching for the fake tan?

- Annie, 42


Dear Annie

The good news is that we don't have to just accept our fate with regards to the ageing process. Beyond sun damage and oxidation, did you know that inflammation caused by stress causes elastin and collagen to weaken - it’s the reason our faces start to look older and less radiant as we age.

Not only that, prolonged stress exposure causes the pores to clog and lymph to stagnate. When the body is stressed it takes blood flow away from the peripheral organs including the skin, in order to provide muscles with energy which is what causesthe skin break outs and sallowness that you have observed. Combine with a lack of sleep and it’s clear that the affects of stress on our face can be more than skin deep.

So what is the solution? Creams can plump the skin temporarily but miss the trick of drawing on the clever resources of the body to rejuvenate the skin from within.

The answer is to use our Beauty Restorer tool, which works by bringing blood to the surface of the skin, stimulating and toning muscles so the face looks refreshed and radiant. The Hayo’u One minute Beauty Ritual incorporates acupressure and Gua Sha techniques, providing a lean, re-contoured, refreshed face, that’s thoroughly toned with improved elasticity.

Katie x