Stressed Skin? Ancient Beauty Secret Revealed

Our skin bears the brunt of a stressful life. Accelerated aging, hormonal break outs, adult acne, eczema flare ups When stress is left unchecked it creates a visible, vicious circle of anguish, biologically impacting our skin which in turn crushes our confidence. It’s a no-win situation.

Can you spot the signs on your face? According to Chinese Medicine your face reflects the health of your body. When we get overloaded by stress our levels of elastin and collagen immediately begin to deteriorate - leading to signs of premature ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. On top of this assault, your skin becomes less nourished by your own blood cells, as the body diverts increased energy and oxygen to the muscles.

Your skin is fighting an unfair battle. Many skin conditions don’t respond favourably to creams or pills as they fail to get to the root of the problem. But can anything non-invasive be done to improve your skin? To naturally enhance its texture and elasticity? To heal spots and break outs quicker? To combat inflammation and hypersensitivity?

Gua Sha– Your Skin’s New Saviour

Gua Sha - Stressed Skin, eczema, rosacea can all be helped with Gua Sha

Hayo’u has the answer - an easy to administer prescription of Gua Sha, the ancient treatment revered for its ability to increase blood flow and jumpstart the healing powers of your circulatory system.

Undoubtedly the hidden gem of Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha offers skin rejuvenation from the inside out. And it couldn’t be easier to use and start seeing the benefits. Using the cooling jade stone of our Beauty Restorer, follow our Rescue Breath Ritual and ‘press-stroke’ the face to unblock areas of tension and stagnation.

Like a regular gym workout for the face, Gua Sha brings blood nearer to the surface of the skin, stimulating and toning the muscles so the face looks refreshed and skin more radiant. Perfect for both skin problems and skin aging, Gua Sha speeds up the natural lymphatic drainage process, diluting internal toxins and clearing congestion.

Finally it’s great all-round rejuvenator for all skins types. With zero chemicals to strip your skin and no micro beads to harm the environment, adding Gua Sha to your beauty regime will supercharge the benefits of your favourite lotions and potions, working from the inside out to bring you healthier, more radiant skin.

Is stress exacerbating your skin problems? If you’re fed up with the negative impact of stress on your skin and want try something new, why not look try Gua Sha? Just one minute a day for a treatment that is more than just skin deep.