The ins and outs of facial Gua Sha

Gua sha is revered across Asia for its anti-aging benefits. It is used to clear the havoc wreaked on facial beauty by a stressful, hectic pace of modern life - creating a tension free complexion.

When we suffer stress, it shows in our face. For skin to be healthy it needs to be nourished by blood. When we’re stressed, our body moves blood away from the skin to support the heart and muscles. If skin isn't being nourished by blood, it doesn't matter how good our diet and supplement regime is, radiance will be diminished and ageing accelerated.

Over time stress can cause under eye bags, dull, lifeless skin, a ruddy complexion and wrinkles. Stress creates toxicity which manifests under the skin. The press-stroking motion of Gua sha expels this toxicity, exponentially improving blood flow and aiding the lymphatic system.

How does Gua Sha work?

The process of Gua sha is designed to enable the blood to release toxicity out via the surface of the skin. Gua means to scrape or rub, whilst sha describes the redness that results. It’s not damaging to the skin or capillaries. We associate redness with bruising and pain in the West, but press-stroking the skin in this manner is completely harmless and satisfying.

A low level red 'flush' usually appears as you use the stone and then disappears. It varies from person to person but this flush shows that you're successfully drawing circulation up into the skin under the epidermis which helps reduce the signs of stress and leaves you with glowing, tension-free skin.

If the flush comes up quickly you can reduce the pressure for the remaining strokes – alternatively, you can intensify the treatment and cover any redness with foundation, the results will be slower but the treatment will still be effective. You'll notice a brighter, firmer, clearer complexion by the following morning.

Crucially, what sets Gua sha apart as a beauty treatment is its unique ability to get under the skin and pull toxicity out. Rather than applying a cream or serum to the surface of your skin, you are activating your own body to do the work from the inside. It’s completely natural, and that’s what’s so brilliant about it!

Daily treatment is the ideal, and as the benefits are instant you can enjoy this ritual at any time of the day. Using the Beauty Restorer in the evening really allows your skin to maximise the benefits of the ritual, unimpeded by make-up and daily activity. A light treatment during your morning shower (using the warm water as a lubricant) will free stagnation, plumping and freshening the skin and eliminating the signs of sleep.

A few tips on Gua Sha

On the press-stroke action you need a fairly firm hand. Imagine you are scratching an itchy insect bite, and use a similar pressure. We say 8 strokes as a guide, which should be enough to be effective without any fear of over-doing it.

Oil enables the Beauty Restorer to glide effortlessly over the skin. You can use our facial oil to help the jade stone glide easily over the skin whilst receiving the nourishing benefits of a specific formulation.

The Beauty Restorer is shaped with a convex edge to work into the cheek bones, a concave edge to mimic the curves of your forehead, and a double pointed edge to slot over your nose and simultaneously activate both sides next to your jawline, eye sockets and throat. The double curved tip of the Beauty Restorer is used to activate acupressure points.

In Chinese medicine, our external radiance is a reflection of the internal state of our health. So under-eye bags, fine lines and dull, sagging skin are all deemed reflections of our internal organs. Activating acupressure points on your face will support your organs internally.

The benefits of Gua Sha

  • Relaxes tight facial muscles and clears congestion for an instant pick me up
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins
  • manipulates areas of tension to stimulate and regenerate cells
  • Stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production.
  • Alleviates stress related symptoms such as clenched jaw, eye-strain and daytime fatigue

It’s amazing how much tension and pain we carry in our face without being aware of it. Your face works hard all day. The effort of talking, smiling, frowning and concentrating engages the facial muscles where – just like any other part of the body – tension can be stored. When your muscles are tense, blood flow is restricted and your skin gets less oxygen and nutrients. Not only do you get face ache – but you age faster too.

In the instructional Beauty Ritual video, we have included certain acupressure points to complete the treatment.

  • Working the sides of your lips plumps the skin, which loses elasticity as we age
  • Pressing the sides of your nose aids elimination of waste and relieves Sinusitis
  • Pressing the sides of your eyes releases stress and tension and alleviates headaches
  • Pressing under your eyes helps reduce eye bags and brightens the eyes
  • Pressing the chin relaxes your jaw
  • Pressing the forehead is a great point for balancing

Please note, you should not perform Gua sha over broken skin, broken veins, moles, cuts, bruises or rosacea.