The Radiance Roadshow: Meet Emma

Emma using the Hayo'u Jade Gua Sha Beauty Restorer Massage Tool

Frowning, chewing, laughing, squinting… your face works hard all day. But like any other part of your body, active facial muscles get weary and stockpile tension, inhibiting oxygen flow and reducing vital nourishment.

Banish face ache and get the glow, courtesy of the Beauty Restorer one-minute workout - the new at-home regime that releases facial tension, tackles dark circles, improves fine lines and restores radiance.

Join our Radiance Roadshow and learn how to release facial tension, boost collagen and get the glow, no spa required.

Say hello to Emma - natural beauty, healthy cynic and new Beauty Restorer convert


Emma - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - Before Use

"It’s not just about skin texture. The Beauty Restore tones my skin, releasing tension, firming my jawline and defining my features".


Emma - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - After Use