The Radiance Roadshow: Meet Lou

Lou using the Hayo'u Jade Gua Sha Beauty Restorer Massage Tool

Stress is the arch enemy of graceful aging. A daily assault of toxic tension ages the skin, with the tell-tale signs often tough to camouflage.

We’re doing battle with fine lines, puffy eyes and lacklustre complexions in just one minute, on our Radiance Roadshow.

Our prescription? Release facial tension, boost collagen and restore radiance with the Beauty Restorer, the one-minute daily facial tool from Hayo’u, no spa required.

Say hello to Lou - natural beauty, healthy cynic and new Beauty Restorer convert.


Lou - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - Before Use

"It’s quick and easy to use and I definitely have more ‘no makeup’ days since I started the Beauty Restorer of one-minute facials. If I’ve had a late night, I use it in the following morning to really invigorate the skin and allow my moisturiser to better sink in"


Lou - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - After Use