The Radiance Roadshow: Meet Sandra

Sandra using the Hayo'u Jade Gua Sha Beauty Restorer Massage Tool

Lotions and potions are meagre defence against the ageing effects of stress. It’s time to bring out the beauty big guns.

A daily assault of toxic tension ages the face, with the tell-tale signs often tough to camouflage. But there is another way to nourish your skin…

We’re doing battle with fine lines, dull complexions, puffy eyes and lacklustre complexions in just one minute, with our Beauty Restorer, the one-minute daily facial tool from Hayo’u.

Join our Radiance Roadshow and learn how to release facial tension, boost collagen and get the glow, no spa required.

Say hello to Sandra - natural beauty, healthy cynic and new Beauty Restorer convert.


Sandra - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - Before Use

"After a couple of days using the Beauty Restorer, my skin definitely looks perkier and more lifted. I’m a facial fan but this at-home experience out performs some of my favourite salon treatments".


Sandra - Gua Sha Beauty Restorer convert - After Use