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Let Hayo’u help you win the struggle against stress. Our armoury of tips and tools harnesses the ancient power of Chinese Medicine to help you kick this modern malady in to touch - no appointments, prescriptions or medication required.

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I’d describe myself as a cheerful, positive and outgoing person, yet I’ve noticed a sense of low level dread has permeated my day-to-day live. It’s simply not me and I’ve tried to kick it in to touch with exercise, nutritious food and positive thinking but I can’t quiet shake it. I should be happier – I run a successful business and I’m fulfilled professionally and personally. Yet there it is, a feeling of despondency that I resent and want to shift.

- Annie, 41


Dear Annie

You’ve clearly have managed to keep yourself healthy and well, following the correct dietary and exercise advice that is currently available. And yet you feel despondent and world-weary, suffering from a perpetual low mood. You would like to describe yourself as a positive person too, and suddenly as we approach November time, you are not.

So the things that normally do the trick, aren’t working. Why? By society standards you have a successful job, financial security, opportunities, healthy foods etc. Yet clearly something missing. This is your body’s energetics.

Chinese Medicine recognises the energetic force that runs through your body. This trusted health system is unique as a treatment modality because it doesn’t isolate and treat just the physical symptoms we experience when we’re unwell. Our emotions and energetics are just as important and can be nurtured back to optimum health.

Once you have understand this concept, you can strengthen your energetics and begin to see the physical impact. When dealing with mood, you are effectively dealing with this energetic circuit of the body. According to Chinese Medicine, our organs have more than physical responsibilities: they sit on an energetic and emotional level and inter-relate with one another. In order to keep them strong and ensure the biological functions are still happening at a physical level, the body instead strikes the emotions attached to the organ.

As we move through the autumn months the environment around us is beginning to decline, nature descends, leaves fall and things begin to rot and die. We are energetically part of that process. Regardless of where we live in society we are nonetheless inhaling and exhaling air, so it is natural for our mood to dampen and become quieter as the seasons change. Autumn is in the preparation for winter. It is important to recognise it as a necessary part of our lives so that we can hibernate and be ready to go in to spring in full action.

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Use the Hayo’u Method to boost and strengthen this energetic circuit. Using the One-Minute Morning Ritual as your basic everyday routine to provide fresh healthy blood around the area. I would advise spend a little bit of extra time concentrating on the area of the lungs to help give your mood an extra boost. The lungs, according to Chinese Medicine, relate to the emotion of grief and sadness, which in turn correspond to the season of autumn. Try the tarzan like drumming over your chest area and remember to keep your lung area clear.

I’d recommend a new evening routine. First have a salt bath with our Bathe-rite Bath Minerals, using this time to do the One-Minute Breathing Ritual. It will allow you to focus inward to soothe your feelings of negativity whilst the act of slow, measured breathing itself will let your diaphragm energise the lungs to full capacity. Even if you just manage to fit this in just twice a week, you’ll be making positive steps towards managing your mood and feeling the benefits of removing stress from your body. Sign up to our newsletter for gentle weekly reminders and support.

Katie x