What Can Eastern Medicine do for me?

The fundamental difference between Chinese and Western Medicine is that Western Medicine treats disease after it has manifested, and Chinese Medicine, where possible, treats the patient to prevent manifestation of disease in the first place.

The comprehensive Chinese system for health and longevity on which Hayo’u is based is called yang-sheng, literally ‘nurturing life.’ Nurture your life and you prevent illness.

Chinese Medicine offers the world incredible insight into this life-nurture philosophy, because it regards the human body as more than just the physical. It also takes into account the mind and the invisible (but none the less existent) energy system which drives all our functions.

I would like to firmly state right here, right now that I’m not against Western Medicine. Nor, by the way, are the Chinese! They integrated Western practices over 60 years ago and happily move between the two depending on what works best. I’d definitely advocate keeping any relationships with practitioners and any medication that you find benefits from.

The Chinese have taken their heritage of treating the patient and then improved it by attaching modern Western techniques to assist when disease does take hold. In the West, we’ve been floating around the edges of self-care for some time – we are now more interested in nutrition, mindfulness and so on than ever before. But for the first time, Hayo’u offers a system of Eastern practice to integrate with the Western lifestyle, in order to maximise our health.

In this crippling age of modern living we’d be mad not to take advantage of this incredible health legacy that has existed for thousands of years, treated literally billions of people and yet can be so easily incorporated into everyday life.

There are huge accomplishments of Western Medicine that we could not do without and would be insane to dismiss. The downside of having such a sophisticated, dedicated, intelligent medical system is that the modern world has lost the idea of self-care and the prevention of disease before it actually occurs. That’s why I created Hayo’u, to tap into the fact that yes, Western Medicine is brilliant, but it focusses on helping you once you have a problem. I want you to tap into that period of grace before you get sick. I’m utilising that wealth of ancient wisdom to help us get back on our feet and take control of our own health.

A greater synergy between East and West is needed to rebalance our systems, not to mention to ease the burden on our poor, overstretched health system. It would be naïve to think that one or the other is the total answer. There’s a very clear but gradual shift towards this alignment, as seen in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology. Scientists studying in this field are proving a direct influence between mind and body, something the Chinese have believed for thousands of years.1

The aim of the Hayo’u Method is to teach you to listen to what your body is telling you via your symptoms, helping you to understand and support your own body on a day-to-day preventative basis. Not only is this better for each individual patient but if everyone subscribed it would save millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.
My father is alive today thanks to the team at Hartfield Hospital – there was no way when he was having a heart attack on a tennis court one summer’s day that I was about to teach him some Qi Gong moves. Instead, he was whisked off at breakneck speed to receive an angioplasty, leaving him alive and well today to tell the tale.

That said, after being given the all-clear by his cardiologist, he practises the recommendations that make up the Hayo’u Method – and years on he has avoided a repeat attack. He sees his Western doctor regularly for all the prescribed tests and everyday he practises our easy and pleasurable Hayo’u rituals.

Despite the wonders of modern medicine, the state of global human health continues to erode at an alarming rate. Clearly, a greater alignment could only be beneficial. By combining the knowledge of East and West and working preventively, you will boost your immune system and vitality. And when stress does get the better of you (as happens to us all), you’ll be well equipped to deal with the fallout and well able to minimise the damage.