What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is a natural healing system that has been used by millions of people for thousands of years. The key to it is an incredibly sophisticated understanding of how the body works, which includes the energetic level – a concept we don’t have in Western Medicine. Basically, this energy is known as Qi.

Taoism is a philosophy and science of life that could date back as far as 8,000 years. It is the foundation of Chinese Medicine and the guiding principle of acupuncture and acupressure. All Hayo’u self-care methods are rooted in this school of thought, so you’ll understand why I want to explain it to you!

Tao, pronounced ‘dow’, means the ‘path’ or ‘principle’ and describes the eternal, primordial source or void, as well as the potential from which all things arise. As the life force that continually flows through and animates all living things, Qi is central to the Taoist world view. It is the living vibration that is constantly occurring at molecular, atomic and sub-atomic levels, and is the basis for all that exists.

The Taoists, and therefore Chinese doctors, see the quality and movement of Qi through the body as determining human health – the ideal state being one of balance and smoothness with no blockages. We inherit Qi at birth and accumulate or lose it as we go through life, depending on the way we live. At death all our Qi is dispersed back into the universe. The indisputable fact is that we are all going to die one day! That said, we can ensure that we do everything in our power to optimise our health and longevity. The current capabilities of Western Medicine, such as antibiotics, inoculations, transplants, stem cell research, oncology, safe childbirth and surgery have eliminated many of the perils that once threatened the human race. However, individuals in today’s Western world have psycho-spiritual issues and chronic degenerative disease that have outstripped the acute ailments of the past – partly because we are living so much longer.

1. For proof you need only look at the huge increase in anti-depressant prescriptions and the ever-increasing rates of cancer amongst Westerners.

2. Chinese Medicine believes that disease, both mental and physical, can begin on an energetic level – and so the root cause can be treated as opposed to merely treating the symptoms.

I believe that the best medical system that a society could wish for would combine the best of Western and Eastern healthcare. This would give us options for everyday issues that don’t necessarily require antibiotics, anti-depressants or pain killers. And it needs to be a system that values not just how long we are living, but how well.

More than ever, we need to take daily precautionary measures to safeguard our own health. This is why I created the Hayo’u Method, to offer an integrated and simple approach to practising prevention of illness. We’ve got ‘cure’ well covered – it’s highly researched, well managed and moving forward all the time. But Hayo’u is about achieving prevention in a truly holistic way. Safeguarding your own health is, without question, the best strategy. Hayo’u provides a tool kit of self-care that works alongside Western healthcare to help us stay healthier, for longer.

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