What is Yang Sheng?

The Hayo’u Method is based on a little known but central aspect of Chinese medicine called Yang Sheng, meaning “nurture life”. It means dealing with small health problems at root level to limit the chance of illness getting a foothold in the body. Essentially ‘prevention rather than cure’. There is a great Chinese proverb that sums up Yang Sheng – ‘A drop of prevention is worth a bucket load of cure.’

The Hayo’u Method addresses the root cause of most modern day illness – inflammation.

Currently, the only anti-inflammatory solutions offered are diet based. Hayo’u offers a joined up and comprehensive method to address this inflammation epidemic. The Hayo’u Method deploys one-minute rituals that work to clear inflammation by relaxing the body, enabling free flow of circulation and assisting efficient detoxification. They are simple exercises, but practised daily they can make a profound difference.

According to Chinese Medicine, Qi is the energy that flows through the body. It aids the movement of blood, lymph, nutrients, toxins, nerve conduction; energy production and cognitive awareness.

Chinese Medicine believes the free flow of Qi and blood is fundamental to good health.

Like feelings and emotions Qi can’t be seen, yet it penetrates every part of the body, giving us sensations, vitality and life force.

According to Chinese theory, those with a strong and abundant Qi enjoy perfect health and vitality. In old age and sickness Qi gets weaker. When it’s totally dissipated, the flesh and blood body dies.

Imbalance or blockages weakens our Qi, which eventually manifests as disease. So it’s imperative to look after our Qi on a daily basis to keep it strong and smooth flowing.

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Modern living has a very negative impact on our Qi. We are constantly bombarded by adverts, all trying to convince us to endlessly consume or risk feeling inadequate. Social media often doesn’t help, posturing as it does with a distorted, filtered view of life. We are assaulted on average by over 5,000 messages a day. This overwhelming, negative stimuli drains and weakens our Qi, which according to Chinese Medicine eventually results in conditions such as stress, pain, low energy, premature ageing, bad digestion and lack of sleep.

So it’s imperative to work with your body’s natural abilities to self-heal and to protect Qi and therefore health.

Hayo’u is a groundbreaking self treatment method inspired by Chinese Medicine, designed to strengthen and enable free flow of Qi using simple one-minute rituals.



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