Launched in September 2016, Hayo'u was founded by respected physician of Chinese Medicine, Katie Brindle.

Katie has been working in Chinese medicine since 2002, first practising Tui Na Massage and reflexology and then as a Five Elements Chinese medical practitioner after graduating from the UK’s Integrated College of Chinese Medicine in 2008. Katie is a strong advocate of Western and Chinese Medicine working symbiotically for optimum health. She created Hayo’u because she wanted to highlight the empowerment of the patient – i.e. self-care – that is such a central philosophy of Chinese medicine.

Few people in the West appreciate this focus on self-treatment which is wonderfully accessible to anyone, no matter their state of health. More widely, Chinese medicine is still often misunderstood, mistrusted and un-contextualised. Katie hopes to change this view and furthermore, believes Chinese medicine offers consistently effective ways to combat the biggest malaise of all - stress.

Over the years as a practitioner, Katie became convinced that stress was most frequently the underlying cause of the ailments she was both diagnosing and treating. As such, she set about promoting the benefits of self-care as part of her treatment plans. She would notice over and over that those who adopted the techniques would improve so much faster than those who didn't. By structuring this knowledge into a simple explanation and daily practice for everyone to benefit from - The Hayo'u Method was born.

“My first goal with Hayo’u is to demystify Chinese medicine, simplify the information and make people aware of it. As such our method is all about offering one-minute solutions, clearly explained that will be a pleasure to do. Very quickly people understand that this is as easy and effective as brushing your teeth.”

Sourcing the products to the highest ethical standards has been central to Katie’s philosophy. The products are manufactured by a lovely UK business who share our values. The Gha Sha tools are produced in a specific region of China, renowned for the highest quality jade, after months of due diligence finding just the right factory.

Katie is married with three children, so she is well versed in the challenges of juggling a growing business with raising a young family and managing her own stress! She continues to see patients at her practice in London but, driven to spread the word on Hayo’u, she is increasingly in demand as a public speaker in offices and schools.

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