The Rituals

Short and simple, our One-minute rituals can be slipped into daily life with minimum fuss. As with many things in life, little and often is better than not at all! Small steps really do reap maximum benefits. The rituals can be integrated into other routines, such as shaking whilst brushing your teeth.

Try the One-minute breathing ritual whilst you bathe. Breath is THE antidote to stress. Breathe deeply and it becomes harder for acidity to thrive, thus triggering an immediate reversal of stress levels.

According to Chinese Medicine, the diaphragm also holds onto emotional traumas. These can be released when we exercise the diaphragm through deep, mindful breathing. Sound a bit hokey? Our One-minute breathing ritual can address lower back pain, build energy and help with fatigue.

Always be gentle with yourself. Small movements are as good as large ones for these exercises. It just depends upon your body’s capabilities. Always listen to what it’s telling you.
I make sure I do these rituals each morning and evening and I can honestly say they keep me calm, centred and able to cope with whatever life throws at me.

The Beauty Restorer Ritual

Gua Sha is revered across Asia for its anti-aging benefits and used to clear the havoc wreaked on facial beauty by a stressful, hectic pace of modern life - creating a tension free complexion. When we suffer stress, it shows in our face. Over time it can cause under eye bags, dull, lifeless skin, a ruddy complexion and wrinkles.

The Reset Ritual

Best practice here is to do the reset ritual before you shower or take a bath. You'll enhance the effect by inducing a relaxed state and rejuvenating in the healing qualities of water. However, you can do it throughout the day whenever stress hits.

The Body Restorer Ritual

Stress creates toxicity in the body which manifests under the skin. The Chinese solution to this problem is Gua Sha. The treatment’s press-stroke motion expels toxicity, exponentially improving blood flow and aiding the lymphatic system. The process of Gua Sha is designed to enable the blood to release toxicity out via the surface of the skin. Gua means to scrape or rub, whilst Sha describes the redness that results.

The Resue Breath Ritual

It only takes around a minute - but the benefits are huge! Focusing inwards calms your mind. And using your lungs to full capacity will slow your heart rate and oxygenate the blood properly

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* Opinium Consumer Panel of 200 women. November 2016

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