Beauty Restorer Precision Ritual

Uniquely designed for the delicate skin of your lips and eyes.

Use the Beauty Restorer Precision™ to plump up your lips, reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, and tackle the delicate areas over your eyelids and eye sockets. What’s more, you can also use this nifty tool to practice an extended version of Katie’s Beauty Restorer ritual. Just another way we’re bringing ancient Chinese massage techniques to modern lifestyles. For best results, use with our Revive Beauty Oil

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    Use the slim tip of the Beauty Restorer Jade Precision to make a series of little flicks over and around your lips to plump them up, and reduce any fine lines and wrinkles.


    Next, use the tool to make the same series of little flicks on the delicate areas over your eyelids and around your eye sockets.


    Finally, use the tool in the same way along your facial contours, as shown. Take your time to go into every tiny crease and crevice to stimulate circulation.


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