Rose Quartz Morning Ritual

This Gua Sha ritual encourages nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface whilst boosting elasticity.

Perfect for sensitive or reactive skin, the Beauty Restorer™ Rose Quartz is packed full of minerals and has an amazing ability to calm redness and support the renewal of skin cells. Practise the Rose Quartz Gua Sha ritual to help reduce inflammation, boost circulation and cool the skin.

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  • Hayo'u Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer Facial Gua Sha Massage Tool
    Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

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    Awaken your skin with this Rose Quartz stone.

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Master the ritual

1. Face & Neck

Press and stroke the Beauty Restorer™ along your facial contours. Make eight sweeps in each direction, encouraging nutrients and oxygen to the skin’s surface, while boosting elasticity.  Then press and stroke the tool for another eight sweeps down your neck to clearthe lymphatics.

2. Chest

Press and sweep eight times in a semi- circular motion from the centre of your chest, in each direction as shown, to engage your heart meridian. Then press stroke down the inside of your arms and up the outside of your arms.

3. Heart

Finish by resting the cooling Rose Quartz tool over your heart. Use this opportunity to relax your body and mind with long, slow breathing. As you slowly breathe out, make a ‘Haaaa’ sound and smile into the heart.


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