What can Eastern Medicine do for me?

What can Eastern Medicine do for you? The short answer is, more than you could imagine! Chinese Medicine is less concerned with how long we live, but how well. Because the fact is that we may be living longer, but conditions like stress, pain, low energy, headaches, anxiety, poor skin, low fertility, bad digestion and lack of sleep are all on the rise.

Based upon the largely unknown but hugely beneficial aspect of Chinese medicine, Yang Sheng, (nurture life), the Hayo’u Method addresses the root cause of most modern day illness – inflammation.

The Hayo’u Method deploys one-minute rituals that work to reduce stress and inflammation on a daily basis. These simple techniques relax the body, enable free-flow of circulation and assist detoxification by supporting the lymphatic system.

Given the relentless nature of modern life, we need simple, achievable solutions to support our body and immediately improve our well-being: Chinese Medicine offers just that.

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese Medicine offers us far more than just acupuncture and herbs. There is a lesser known but brilliant system for health and longevity on which the Hayo’u Method is based called Yang Sheng, literally ‘nurturing life.’

Chinese Medicine offers the world an incredible insight into this nurture-life philosophy, because it considers not just our physical selves, but also our emotions and the energy inside us.

This incredible health legacy has existed for thousands of years and treated billions of people. The best bit of all is that it can be easily incorporated into the relentless pace of our modern lives.

By engaging with self-care, we help resolve everyday issues without necessarily requiring antibiotics, anti-depressants or pain killers. Suddenly our benchmark for good health is not just how long we are living, but how well.

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine I was inspired by the wealth of brilliant self-treatment techniques it offers – and so the Hayo’u Method was born!

Hayo’u distils this remarkable Chinese legacy to unlock your optimal health and beauty. It combines product, technique and wisdom into one-minute rituals. Individually, these simple techniques will have an instant result. Combined and practiced daily, they also offer long term benefit.

Chinese medicine is brilliant. It’s so powerful that in just a few minutes a day you can improve stress levels, boost your immune system and vitality.

You can improve your sleep, looks and mood, lose weight and help protect yourself against more serious illness in later years.

More than ever, we need techniques that sit alongside our habits and can step up on the days when it all gets too much. This is what Chinese Medicine can offer you and that’s why I created the Hayo’u Method.


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