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I suffered from dreadful eczema as a child but creams seemed to help and I grew out of it fairly quickly. I fortunately haven’t suffered any other skin issues as an adult until recently, when I spotted what I thought was just a dry patch of skin. But when another appeared along with the itching and cracked, scaly appearance, I realised the eczema was back. It’s now on my cheeks, neck and hands and I don’t know what’s triggered it – my diet is the same, I haven’t changed my cleansing products or washing detergents. It’s unsightly, I feel really self-conscious and I don’t want to rely on steroid creams.

– Sarah, 33


Dear Sarah

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin and it can affect any part of the body. It’s interesting that nothing has changed in your diet or use of detergents. Perhaps other changes have occurred?

Has your routine at work changed recently? Is anything worrying you more than normal? Have you more on your plate at home? I ask because stress, which results in inflammation and immunity issues, can cause eczema to flare up for the first time or aggravate an existing, latent condition.

From a Chinese point of view, the skin is influenced by the health of the lungs and the heart. When these organs are overloaded by stressful situations or exacerbated by heat forming, spicy food the body reacts by releasing this excessive ‘heat’ through the skin. It’s a clever way of your body protecting your most precious organs.

Natural remedies for eczema - Eczema on arm picture

Under stress the body takes blood flow away from the peripheral organs including the skin, to provide muscles with energy. This in turn limits oxygen and nourishment to the cells and waste product removal from them, via the normal route of blood and lymph circulation. When you’re tense, your body tries to protect your skin by boosting inflammation there. If you already have it because of eczema, that boost will make your symptoms worse.

To make matters worse, the skin is the largest organ in the body and through it, the body releases toxins and other products of metabolism. So if the circulation route is impaired, the skin is the obvious next option to bear the brunt.

So what can you do to ease your eczema? Keeping your body de-stressed and engaging with it’s natural circulation process will help keep it inflammation free, which in turn reduces the underlying cause for the body to expel the heat and toxicity through the skin.

Use these three steps from the Hayo’u Method to manage your stress, strengthen your lungs and clear the heat that’s being trapped in your skin. Alongside a clean, balanced diet and your exiting care with creams and detergents, you should start to bring balance to your whole body, inside and out.

Step 1: Try The Morning Ritual. The shake, twist, drum action of the one-minute routine will release tension at the start of the day. It invigorates the whole body’s energetic circulation, dislodges toxicity held in latency, stimulate the defensive energy of the body against disease and improves the function of the internal organs.

Step 2: Strengthen your lungs with The Breathing Ritual. Deep breathing extends the diaphragm and massages all the key organs, saturating the body with oxygen, and engaging the nervous system to counterbalance the cortisol levels coming in.

Step 3: Draw out the heat from your skin with *Gua Sha and our Evening Ritual. ‘Press-stroke’ the Body Restorer tool around your chest area to strengthen your lungs and heart, allowing the release of stored emotions. This is relaxing, helps to redress the excess heat and rejuvenates your circulatory system to combat the root cause of your eczema.

*Remember, you don’t need to Gua Sha directly on eczema and never Gua Sha on broken skin. By understanding how your internal and external health are uniquely linked, you can start to treat your whole body to improve both your eczema and your general wellbeing.

Katie x