Mood swings

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I work in insurance, in a rewarding and demanding role. The hours are long and although I try to squeeze in a visit to the gym and maintain a balanced diet, emotionally I’m starting to feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. I work hard and love office life, but I’m emotionally depleted and physically knackered by the time the weekend arrives, whereupon I switch off, becoming moody and short tempered. What can I do to break the cycle without changing the job I love?

– Michelle


Dear Michelle

Here is a classic example of how the Hayo’u Method fits beautifully into everyday life. Ultimately, as potential patients, we don’t want people to turn around and tell us to change our diet, where we live, job that we like and so on. A certain level of stress is of course good for our body. However, what often happens in society today is that we are continuously drip fed a ‘diet’ of pressure, worry and anxiety that gradually becomes overwhelming. You need to have measures that you can you practice to manage this stress on a day to day, minute to minute basis to help strengthen mind and body.

You’re aware that going to the gym normally resolves a lot of stress. This is fundamentally because you’re awakening the blood and qi of the body through movement which engages the parasympathetic nervous system. You should still aim to get to the gym, however I know when you are tired, stressed and with limited time to get back to your family this is the first thing you miss of the never-ending list. It is the movement that is needed to extract stress from the body.

I’d like to suggest you try the morning ritual – ideally several times a day – partly for the exercise benefits to help move oxygen, blood and qi around the body, but also so you can literally shake, twist and drum the stress from the body as it hits. It only takes a minute so you could do it when you get yourself a coffee or before you stop for lunch.

Mood Swings - Emotional Stress - Gua Sha body scraping

In Chinese medicine we recognise there is an energetic centre and we can use the breath to engage the brain and help calm the ‘monkey mind’ – that endless jumble of thoughts that we sometimes just can’t switch off. Slow, measured breathing is brilliant when you are in a desk job, because you can do it throughout the day (especially when you get that one email that just feels so overwhelming). Deep breathing extends the diaphragm and massages all the key organs, saturating the body with oxygen, and engaging the nervous system to counterbalance the cortisol levels coming in. By visually smiling across the abdomen it pulls your thinking down from the head and in to the body to produce a calming effect.

When you get home, there are extra things you can do to turn off the stress tap. Ideally in the evening use our Bath Salts and extend the breathing in to the bath to really get on top of that days stress and stop it accumulating in your body.

Most importantly I would advise you to Gua Sha using our Body Restorer. Follow the online tutorial and ‘press-stroke’ the tool around your chest are – especially the sternum area because of its close relationship to the heart – and around the kidneys on the lower back, as they are in charge of your adrenal glands which take a beating when the stress starts to overwhelm you.

Katie x